AirSnore Best Anti Snoring Mouthpiece and Drops

Habitual snoring is more of a problem than you may realize. It’s estimated that 40 percent of men and 24 percent of women suffer, not to mention their sleep partners too. Aside from the obvious annoyance, it can actually cause health problems for the snorer.

AirSnore Best Anti Snoring Mouthpiece and Drops

AirSnore is a natural sleep aid combination involving a soft plastic mouthpiece that molds to the inside of your mouth and a bottle of sleep aid drops. These tools can be used separately or together to increase your overall sleep quality and reduce snoring to increase sleep quality of your partner. If you suffer from restless sleep or snoring, this product is designed specifically to help you claim a better’s night sleep which can improve your mood and health overall.

The good news is that there are products on the market that were proven successful in putting a stop to snoring. It is a simple but highly effective, low-cost solution to banish your snoring. It’s a real alternative to uncomfortable, heavy-duty breathing apparatus and painful, sometimes unsuccessful surgery.

How Does it Work?
The mouthpiece works by slightly opening up the jaw so that your upper airway is clear and can easily receive air. This method reduces your overall tendency to snore, and can help you breathe more easily at night. It fits comfortably in the mouth and can be adjusted to any size and shape of mouth. Simply place the mouthpiece in hot water for 5 to 10 minutes, remove from the water and let cool a bit (but not too much), insert the mouthpiece into your mouth, bite down firmly (but not too hard or you might damage the mouthpiece), remove the newly indented mouthpiece, and soak it in ice water so that the material can harden again. Once it is hard, your teeth impressions will remain, and the mouthpiece should fit comfortably in your mouth.

AirSnore Best Anti Snoring Mouthpiece and Drops

Does the Air Snore Mouthpiece Stop Snoring?
Before we go any further, let’s address the question you really want to be answered: Did the Air Snore mouthpiece put a stop to my sleep partner’s snoring? My sleep partner has obstructive sleep apnea, and the Air Snore mouthpiece did stop his snoring. It does so by advancing the lower mandible to prevent relaxation of the tongue and soft tissue that are causing the blockage. However, there was a problem with fitting.

AirSnore Benefits
Since a lack of quality sleep and snoring can cause (or point to) more severe health issues, the benefit of the AirSnore mouthpiece and Drops is that it allows you to achieve more restful sleep overall. The use of one or both of these products can help:

Reduce dry mouth
Reduce morning sore throats
Increase energy levels
Improve overall mood
Reduce the frequency of headaches
Improve overall sleep quality
Reduce feelings of depression and anxiety
Improve breathing quality while sleeping
Reduce congestion
Promote healthy sleep

Is It Comfortable?
As far as comfort, I found the Air Snore mouthpiece to be the most comfortable we’ve tried yet. But, it still takes a few days to get used to having it in your mouth. This is true of any snoring mouthpiece I’m aware of. I experienced moderate jaw soreness for the first five nights.

Who We Recommend the Air Snore Mouthpiece For
If you’re still not quite sure if this product is going to work for you, let’s do a quick recap. Having used this product for myself, I think it could be a good solution if you:
Are a female snorer or have a small jaw
Need to maintain the ability to breathe through your mouth
Are a denture-wearer struggling to find a snoring solution
Value the ability to custom-fit

Who Makes This Product?
This product is brought to us by Bauer Nutrition. This is a brand name of Wolfson Berg Ltd. The head office is in Larnaca, Cyprus.
They are a company that manufactures and supplies health supplements. They supply products to help weight loss, sports nutrition, beauty and general health.


Where To Buy?
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Products are available separately or as a system. The company provides a lifetime money-back guarantee.